ACE is one of the first companies on the Gold Coast which began offering Mobile Inspection Certificates ONLINE (ICO) providing our customers with a digital certificate. It enables you to transfer registrations online – without having to personally attend a transport office. We love CUSTOMER-FRIENDLY solutions!

What Inspection certificates can we lodge through ICO?

We are able to issue online Safety Certificates for the following types of vehicles

  • Any light trailer (up to and including 10T ATM) or light vehicle (up to and including 4.5T GVM)
  • Any heavy trailers (up to and including 10T ATM) or heavy vehicles and trucks (up to and including 16T GVM)

What are the benefits of using ICO?

Using ICO comes with a number of benefits to both you (the customer) and our business. For a vehicle with current QLD registration requiring a transfer the process can be done purely online without the need to visit a Department of Transport branch. 

To transfer your registration online as a seller using your Online issued Safety Certificate you will require the following details

  • Details of both parties: Driver's Licenses (CRN), first and last names, email addresses
  • Details of the vehicle: Dutiable value and odometer reading
  • Transaction date and confirmation that the vehicle has already been sold.

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To transfer your registration online as a buyer you will require the following details

  • New owner's details - (Qld drivers license or CRN)
  • Details of the vehicle - Dutiable Value and odometer reading
  • List the purpose of use of the vehicle and if the registration is expired, complete payment for the renewal.

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For unregistered vehicles with no number plates a visit is unfortunately unavoidable since new number plates will be issued for the vehicle. However part of the process can still be done online.

Since the Inspection report was conducted using ICO, no paperwork concerning the Safety Inspection will be required by the individual visiting the Department as it will all be stored within ICO. 

What if my vehicle is registered in another state or territory?

Whether your vehicle has been registered in QLD before or not, an Online Safety Certificate can be issued through ICO. However, a trip to the Department of Transport must be made to acquire the new QLD state number plates.

What happens if my vehicle details do not match with the details in ICO?

In the unlikely event of previously incorrectly noted vehicle details, (ie. VIN number, engine number, Chassis number), we will still be able to issue you an online certificate by entering the correct vehicle information into ICO. However a trip to your local Transport Department will be needed so they can update your vehicle details based on the issued certificate.

PLEASE NOTE | There are certain circumstances in which the registration cannot be transferred online. Before attempting the transfer of registration make sure that any of the respective parties of the transfer does not fall into one of the following criteria

  • Vehicles that are exempted from requiring a Safety Certificate for any reason cannot be completed online.
  • The buyer is an organisation/company/business or does not have a Queensland Driver license or CRN.
  • The vehicle is being transferred to more than one buyer
  • Personalised plates are attached to the vehicle.
  • The buyer is claiming an exemption for duty.
  • The buyer does not have a Queensland address to register the vehicle to.

The following items and/or items which are equipped with the following cannot be transferred online

  • Fitted with a gas fuel system or other gas system
  •  Registered with a purpose of use other than private or commercial
  •  Conditionally registered
  •  A bus or minibus
  •  A Federal Interstate registration
  •  Mobile Machinery
  •  A special interest vehicle
  •  Motorised wheelchair


What is a Safety Certificate (RWC) and when is it required?



You must obtain a Safety Certificate before offering a registered vehicle for sale or disposing of a registered vehicle, other than to a dealer. CLICK for MORE.