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Gold Coast Safety Certificate | Roadworthy | RWC certificates can be obtained as simply as calling our friendly staff on 0408 660 585 to arrange a convenient time and place for an inspection of the vehicle.

Our workshop is located at: 4/16 Dover Drive, Burleigh Heads 4220 ; In association with JJM Automotive

If you wish to have a safety inspection done on your vehicle, either mobile or at the workshop, please call to see if we have an available appointment at your preferred date and time.

Mobile certifications available in the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads

Safety inspection

Cars; Light Vehicles; Motorbikes & Scooters; Caravans & Trailers

Heavy Vehicle Inspections

Heavy Trailer C.O.I; Heavy Truck C.O.I

HVRAS Certificate

Light Trailer; Heavy Trailer; Heavy Truck

Light Vehicle COI (CL) Inspections

Booked Hire (BKHR); Booked Hire/Rental (BKRN) Taxi; Limousine (LIMO)


How much does an inspection and certificate cost? The cost of a safety inspection will vary depending on your location and the type of vehicle you wish to have inspected. In order to find out whether we can provide our services in your area, simply type your postcode in the “Do we service your area tab?” on the right-hand side.

Our phone reception staff are available 6 days, Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Call 0408 660 585 now to book an inspection (Monday to Saturday) and enjoy the ease of having our mobile roadworthy certificate Gold Coast team come to you.

Mobile Inspection Certificates Online (ICO):

We are currently trialing Queensland Transport's ICO (Inspection Certificates Online) portal system. Both of our inspectors are set up to produce an ICO. If you wish to lodge your safety inspection documents online, first please make sure that you are eligible to do so (information on eligibility below).

Once you confirmed that your are eligible for an ICO and wish to have an online inspection report conducted, please make sure to ask for an ICO when you inquire.

What Inspection certificates can we lodge through ICO?

We are able to issue online Safety Certificates for the following types of vehicles:

 - Any light trailer or light vehicle which has been registered in QLD before, or is currently registered in QLD

 - Any heavy trailers (up to 10T ATM) or heavy vehicles and trucks (up to 16T GVM) which has been registered in QLD before, or is currently registered in QLD

What are the benefits of using ICO?

Using ICO comes with a number of benefits to both you (the customer) and our business. For a vehicle with current QLD registration requiring a transfer, the process can be done purely online without the need to visit a Department of Transport branch. 

For unregistered vehicles with no number plates, a visit is unfortunately unavoidable since new number plates will be issued for the vehicle. However, part of the process can still be done online.

Since the Inspection report was conducted using ICO, no paperwork concerning the Safety Inspection will be required by the individual visiting the Department as it will all be stored within ICO. 

What if my vehicle is registered in another state or territory?

If your vehicle has been registered in QLD before, ICO is able to retrieve the details of that vehicle if a matching VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is provided, enabling the system to issue an online certificate. A trip to the Department of Transport must be made to acquire the new QLD state number plates.

If the vehicle in question has never been registered in QLD before, the details must be manually acquired and a regular paper copy of the certificate will be issued to you.

What happens if my vehicle details do not match with the details in ICO?

In the unlikely event of previously incorrectly noted vehicle details (ie. VIN number, engine number, Chassis number), we will still be able to issue you an online certificate by entering the correct vehicle information into ICO. However, a trip to your local Transport Department will be needed so they can update your vehicle details based on the issued certificate.


Do you give any discounts on your Safety Certificates?

Yes. If we do two inspections or certificates during the same visit.

Let me explain. A customer may need a roadworthy (safety certificate) for their car and a trailer, or two cars. In this case, the cost of the second inspection and certificate can be reduced to give you better value for money. You will need to pay the full price of the higher priced certificate.

Circumstances vary with each job, for instance, you may want two safety certificates for the one car because you are transferring it into your name but you also intend to put the vehicle up for sale so you need a second certificate to give to the purchaser when the car is sold. In this case, we will also be able to negotiate a better price, so you don't have to pay full price for two safety certificates.


It doesn't matter if you are a one-off customer privately selling a car, trailer or caravan or if you are one of our regular car wholesalers / Motor vehicle dealers, we'll look after you. Excellent customer service is our top priority and that's why our customers keep coming back week after week,month after month, year after year.

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Ace Mobile safety certificates have been operating on the Gold Coast for 14 years now. Our inspectors are licensed and qualified mechanics with decades of experience behind them.

We do not do any mechanical work on the cars we inspect but this works in your favor. Our inspector’s reports are not influenced by the thought of getting additional mechanical work from the inspection. Our inspection fee is a fixed price with no hidden cost or surprises. To book an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, sms or email and we will promptly reply to your inquiry.


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